SIM card – Can not disable mobile data on both SIM cards with Nokia 5

A few days ago, I bought a Nokia 5 and, for the most part, I finished installing it. However, one problem I have encountered is that although I can disable mobile data for my first SIM card, I can not disable it for my second SIM card.

On Android 9, if I click Settings> Network and Internet> Data Usage, the Mobile Data option on SIM card 2 is grayed out, with the slider enabled. I am unable to disable it. I can change the setting of SIM card 1 and have it disabled, without any problem.

The icons in the status bar indicate that the mobile data of a SIM card must be disabled with an X next to the receiving icon, but the other does not have it. not show.

What is the cause and how can I disable the data on both SIM cards?