Skip the navigation drawer when opening a fragment

This is my scenario, I have a Activity with a Navigation drawer implemented and Activity contains a container where the Fragments.

My problem is this: I want the hamburger icon Navigation drawer be replaced by an arrow towards the back when opening a Fragment and works exactly like a back button, and when you close this Fragment, the burger icon Navigation drawer come back

I used getSupportActionBar (). setDisplayHomeAsUpEnabled (true) calling Fragment in the Activity, the back arrow appeared but instead of coming back, it opens the navigation drawer.

I also gave a Override no OnOptionItemSelected of the Activity, but without success.

Boolean public onOptionsItemSelected (MenuItem element) {
if (item.getItemId () == {
onBackPressed ();
return super.onOptionsItemSelected (item);

Can any one explain how to implement this back button without having to call a Activity instead of Fragment?