slug – Need help scheduling Facebook posts for a WordPress blog

I run a WordPress blog.

The messages are posted then the link is put on a Facebook page of the blog. Quite simple. Well, with Facebook, you can schedule publications for the future, which is very useful because, although publications are written well in advance and published on a schedule.

Except that, when planning an article in Facebook, if the article has not yet been published, the preview it retrieves is a "page not found" ( page 404). And even if I plan to publish FB after publishing the article, it does not "find" the correct preview information if I planned it until the publication was available.

I hope this makes sense. For the Facebook planner to exist, the page must exist for everything to work.

And I want to schedule FB publications for a few weeks, because it would be easier.


I am open to anything to automate this whole process.

Whenever you save as a draft or publish in "Pending Review", it ignores its own URL and can be displayed in a URL like this:

This is useless and FB can not see it anyway.

Then only when it will be available, this example of URL is "live" and available for the Internet to see:

NOW! One thing I noticed is that this beautiful URL above is available to see if the message needs to be posted at a later date and published. But this nice URL is only available for connected administrators, and so FB can not access the metadata to get the preview.