sms – Messages+ application scheduled messages issue

Is there any way to show your pending scheduled messages in the regular conversation screen in the Messages+ app?

I use schedules messages all the time, but there have been many times that the scheduled messages have been answered already between the time that I set the scheduled message up to the time that the scheduled message is sent. There have even been times that the scheduled message becomes inappropriate or insensitive in some way when they are sent. I would really like to catch these mistakes if at all possible.

I know that I can view all scheduled messages by going to the pull-down menu at the top right of the screen, but I’d like for them to show as pending without having to go thru that step.

I have really become accustomed to using the Messages+ app and I really do like some of the features that it offers. Because of these reasons, I’d like to keep the Messages+ app and not to change to another app if I can avoid it.