software engineering – Is providing an evidence of a resolved bug or a finished user story responsibility of a developer?

If you, as a developer, claim that the bug is resolved, then it is QA’s job to see if this is true, make sure that the bug is completely resolved and not only in some cases, and possibly to re-open a Jira, WHILE PROVIDING MORE INFORMATION.

For example, it happens that a bug happens in situation X, but also in situation Y. The original Jira reports the bug in situation X, and the developer fixes it. What your QA person does (asking for evidence that it is fixed) is pure nonsense. Your answer should be “do your job and test it”.

A reasonable QA person will test the fix and maybe find that it happens in situation Y as well. If they are good at their job, they will reopen the Jira and add that situation X is fixed, but they found another situation Y where the bug happens. They may decide that Y is different enough to make it a new Jira. A bad QA person will just say “not fixed” and reopen it and waste everyone’s time.