Our company is engaged in the extraction of rare earth metals on the market for many years. The team at Zion Soil Corporation Limited only employs specialists who undergo ongoing training in the world's largest companies.

Over the years, every employee of our company has become an expert in the field of mining, extraction and rare earth processing.
The services of our company provide not only the high-tech processes listed above, but also the sale of items extracted from the world's largest stock exchanges, where long-standing partnerships provide us with substantial profits.
The investors, who entrusted us with their funds in 2018, made a total profit of 18,490,000 USD. In 2019, our experts predict an increase in profitability of 24%.
This is a very real profitability multiplied figure, which is derived from the already confirmed forecasts for the growth of rare earth metal prices and which is one of the key elements in the development of innovative technologies.