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  1. Here are some tips for your forum if you are new:

    1. If you do not know the programming, do not be afraid to call a forum creator. You will not be considered a professional but it is reasonable.
    2. If you do not have any growth, try to search for other sites or forums (like this website), if that does not work, try to search for other ways of growth, such as l & rsquo; # 39; invitation to friends or advertising on social networks.
    3. Make sure your forum is a topic on which people want to talk, they will probably stay even longer if it is fun to talk about. Like video games or entertainment. This will keep users longer.
    4. Make sure your forum is actively moderated and has many administrators, it will keep it safe and users will be happy.
    5. Be happy if your site only has 2 to 4 users, it's a start and we all start somewhere. Look at me, I just started a forum today and after announcing it, it had 4 users (3 guests and me)
    6. Try adding new features, changing layouts, colors, and hosting events on your forum. Users of your site will stay a little longer.
    7. Try to have a white board, a sheet of paper or a small desk in your house to keep working and having active statistics from your forum. This will give you information about the user's stay time.
    8. Do not start a business once you start a forum, this is useless and should only be done if your forum has more than 2000 users and a constant revenue stream.

    That's all the advice I could offer. I hope this will help some of you because most of these things I have done. Happy forum hosting. :RE

  • Thanks to DanS for his good information on organizing and maintaining a forum. I would research to choose a suitable niche, win an audience, and then create something that would not be served by anyone else from the world of forums.