sony – DRO, Photo Profile and Auto Mode – Why can not these settings coexist?

I am a novice in professional photography and I am still trying to understand some crucial things. I really hope you can help me.

I have a Sony A6500, I'm trying to switch from Auto to Manual settings, I'm testing image profiles and I'm discovering the DRO, but there are two things I can not understand.

1) Why can not I use the image profiles in automatic mode?

2) Why can not I use DRO when image profiles?

I've searched a lot for this, I found quite useful information on why PP does not affect RAW files, including:

"In automatic mode, the image profile is locked in. It is always there and applied to show you the preview."

If there is an image profile in automatic mode, why can not I change it or change the values?

These questions may be obvious to most of you, but that makes no sense to me.