Sorting a Dataset by an enumerated column with assigned values

A $mathtt{Dataset}$ has a column $C$ with enumerated values $c_i$, to each of which a number $n_{c_i}$ is manually assigned. The $mathtt{Dataset}$ needs to be sorted based on the numbers.

MWE: Suggest there’s a $mathtt{Dataset}$:

ds = Dataset(
  AssociationThread({"ID", "Food"}, 
     StringSplit(#, ",")) & /@ {"1,Apple", "2,Banana", "3,Banana", 
    "4,Cherry", "5,Apple"})

The column “Food” of any record will be one of “Apple”, “Banana”, and “Cherry”.

Now, for some reason, One’d like to sort the records by Column “Food”, assigning 2 to “Apple”, 1 to “Banana”, and 3 to “Cherry” (maybe 0 to anything else). The result $mathtt{Dataset}$ will thus have Column “ID” as $mathtt{{2, 3, 1, 5, 4}}$:

expectedDs = 
 Dataset(AssociationThread({"ID", "Food"}, 
     StringSplit(#, ",")) & /@ {"1,Apple", "2,Banana", "3,Banana", 
     "4,Cherry", "5,Apple"}(({2, 3, 1, 5, 4})))