spells – Can a creature forego its attended magic item’s saving throws?

Some PCs are fighting other mind-controlled PCs. The wizard casts mage’s disjunction to end the mind control effect. This works, but, in addition to doing that, the spell says that

each permanent magic item must make a successful Will save or be turned into a normal item for the duration of this spell [i.e. 1 min./level]. An item in a creature’s possession uses its own Will save bonus or its possessor’s Will save bonus, whichever is higher. If an item’s saving throw results in a natural 1 on the die, the item is destroyed instead of being suppressed.

With this in mind, can a creature that’s attending a magic item voluntarily give up the magic item’s saving throw against the disjunction so that the magic item is automatically suppressed for some minutes? Or must the magic item always attempt the saving throw—in such cases, always risking its existence to avoid a few minutes of inactivity? Or is there another option?