spells – Can I resuscitate someone using his blood or his hair?

Yes, as long as hair or blood has been removed from the body after death

The resurrection spell requires

As long as a small part of the creature's body still exists, it can be resurrected, but the party receiving the spell must be part of the creature's body at the time of death.

So, as long as you have any part of the corpse, you can start the Resurrection on this part to bring them back. Even though the body has been reduced to a thin dough by a three-speed mixing adjustment on Liquefier, you can resurrect it from a sample of this dough, as small as it is.

And the adventurer can not give a piece of hair to a friend while they are still alive and ask that friend to resurrect them if they die, because their hair would not have been part of their body at the time of their death.