spells – What is the accuracy / knowledge of Discern Location?

The discernment localization spell says

A localization spell is one of the most powerful ways to locate
creatures or objects. Nothing less than an empty witty spell or the
the direct intervention of a deity prevents you from learning exactly
the location of a single individual or object. Location of discernment
bypasses the usual means of protection against scrying or localization. the
The spell reveals the name of the creature or object (place, place).
name, trade name, building name or similar), community, county
(or a similar political division), the country, the continent and the plan of
existence where the target is.

To find a creature with the spell, you must have seen the creature or
to have an article that has already belonged to him. To find an object, you must
I touched it at least once.

So, although I know this sounds like one of those situations that would simply depend on the quality of your DM the day you cast the spell, I was wondering what was the best way to interpret the meaning of the "name" of the location ", in particular what would be the effectiveness of the spell to find the name of a place. Some examples that I do not know how to handle correctly:

– A place known by a certain name only by the thrower (and maybe some other people)
Mialee the magician and her friends call a cave in the high forest "Cave with yellow beds" because it is filled with yellow moss on which they slept. She casts a disc to locate her beloved pin (which she forgot in the cave), does the spell say "High Forest" or "Yellow Bed Cave"?

– A place known by a certain name only by a group of people but not by the launcher
Turniel, the evil cleric, wants to know where his nemesis, Mialee, is. She is in the cave of the yellow bed looking for her lapel pin but Turniel does not know that the cave is so called by Mialee. Once again, does the spell say "High Forest" or "Yellow Bed Cave"?

– A place with no official name but to which different groups have given different names, none of which are known to the launcher
A very small human village near Lurkwood called a clearing "The clearing of the big meeting" because two kings met there to discuss peace. No one else, with the exception of those in this village, does not call it that. A group of orcas call this same place "the big clearing" because, well, that 's a clearing, it' s big and they stop there quite often for that. we give them a name.
Mialee wants to know where the group of killer whales are, she discerns while they are in the clearing. Does spell say "The cleaning of the big meeting", "The big cleaning" or just "Lurkwood"?

– An unnamed place that could be unequivocally determined by certain directions
I am aware that the location of discernment can simply give a name and should not be used to receive instructions to reach a location, but I still wanted to talk about this example.
Mialee wants to know where her friend Lidda is and therefore discernment. It hides in the high forest, in an unnamed cave located a few kilometers north of Grandfather Tree. There is no other cave in this direction. Did spell say "The cave a few miles north of Grandfather Tree" or just "High Forest"?

Personally, I feel comfortable using the name of the smallest place with an official name (or at least a very common and recognized name.) Being the deputy minister, I guess I can come to decide what is common or not), and never give a more accurate name if it is only used by a few people (including the launcher), nor to indicate a place. But I'm not sure it's the most correct