spfx – Get list of Document Libraries in dropdown from SharePoint Library

I would like to upload files using SPFx script editor or SPFx web part, but first I would like to retrieve parent libraries in dropdown list, second based on parent library selection I should retrieve all sub folders and again based on sub-folder selection I should retrieve Sub-Folders1 goes on if we have more.

So I have to upload files doesn’t matter which selection(if parent or sub-folders). If possible to retrieve folders from Document libraries using Rest API in Dropdown list.


DropDown1: Parent-Folders – Example1,Example2,Example3…

DropDown2: Sub-Folders(based on Parent selection) – Example1.1, Example1.2, Example1.3.. (Possibility to upload files here)

DropDown3: Sub-Folders(based on Sub-fol selection) – Example1.1.1, Example1.1.2, Example1.1.3.. (Possibility to upload files here)