SPFx: Min Width headers SharePoint Document Library web part SharePoint Online

I am new to spfx but not to SharePoint. Has anyone been able to get min width to work for headers for all users in a Document Library view web part? I need to show all documents from a view and need the ability to filter a Category field but have the requirement for the headers to stay a certain width or at least not be smaller than a certain width for ALL users. As most are aware, even using JSON to set the min width when formatting a view doesn’t work for all users. I see the width as it was set but another user sees the width smaller than the mid width set. Is there anything through PnP SPFx that I am not finding? What I need is a forms repository view (library) with the Category field filterable on the top page of the site but with the headers at a min width of 1000 px for everyone. Any help is very much appreciated.