sql – Join for linq c #

I have the following query in SQl Wean

P.Name AS Code,
TE.id AS TypeIdentity
OF   [dbo].[propriedade] P
INNER JOIN [dbo].[propriedadetopologia] PT
ON P.id = PT.propriedadeid
INNER JOIN [dbo].[tipoentidade] YOU
ON TE.name = Property & # 39;
O P.tipopropriedadeid is NOT NULL 

I would like to make the same query in linq, but I do not know how to do the last join, until here I have this.

        var return = (from p in unitOfw.PropertyRepository.Get ()
join pt in unitOfw.PropertyTopologyRepository.Get ()
on p.Id equals pt.PropertyId
where p.Property TypeId! = null