sql server – Blocking on readable secondary replica

We recently migrated from LogShipping standby/read-only setup to Multi Subnet AG setup with readable secondaries.

Generally on old setup we have select queries running for longer duration as the database in question is over 20 TB and has mix of read write workload on primary.

After moving to new setup of AG we have started seeing blocking which i am not able to understand. Why select queries on secondary are blocking other select queries in my readable secondary replica instance, even when the database being queried has RCSI enabled?

Below is what i have captured

  • Lead blocker is some long running SELECT query does not show any
    specific waittype as particular, lets say SPID 129

  • SPID 129 blocks a session ID 45 ( i am sure this is not a user
    id) for almost 6 hours which is dependent on spid129 and wait type is

  • Here comes the problem when this SPID 45 just blocks all other select
    queries now in that 6 hour duration.

I am not able to understand what is happening. Can someone help me troubleshoot or look in correct direction?