SQL server – Combine multiple accounts with a group including zeros

I have 3 tables: Equipment, Sections and Users and I want to combine 3 tables grouped by section and show the total number of equipment per section and the total number of users per section, including zeros

Example of equipment table:

ID Device Name SectionID Device Type
1 computer from Holly 1 PC
Mobile 2 John mobile 2
3 printer from Maggie 3 printer
4 scanner of Jonathan 3 scanner
5 scanner from George 2 scanner
6 Dugans pocket scanner 5
7 main printer 5 printer

Example of a table of sections:
Identification section
1 finance
2 HR
3 IT
4 manager
5 storage units

Example of a table of users
ID user ID
1 John 3
2 George 2
3 Amanda 2
4 Andy 4
5 Katherine 1

I have tried this:

b.section as GROUPED_SECTION,
COUNT (distinct a.sectionid) AS TOTAL_EQUIPMENT,
COUNT (distinct c.sectionid) AS TOTAL_USERS
LEFT JOIN Section b ON a.sectionid = b.id
JOIN LEFT Users c on a.sectionid = c.sectionid
GROUP BY b.description
ORDER BY b.description

but something is not working properly

I want to create a query that will have the following result:

------- --------------- ------------
Finance 1 1
IT 2 1
HR 2 2
Manager 0 1
Storage 2 0

The 1st column has separate sections of the Equipment table

The 2nd column shows the total equipment by section according to the equipment table

The 3rd column shows the total number of users in this section based on the Users table