sql server – Creating Temporal table without adding DateTime columns

I’m an SQL server DBA and new to Temporal tables. We have the following issue:
As part of implementing temporal tables mechanism , there’s a need to add to datetime columns (so DWH will have the ability to investigate only last modified columns).

  1. 1st problem is that our R&D are trying to avoid from altering table structure (adding columns) as it is a sensitive and big table.

  2. 2nd problem is that the original table contains MODIF DATE column.
    This column is being updated at the datetime value of the update transaction beginning time warriors I need the COMMIT time.(gaps are critical)

enter image description here

My question:

Is there a possibility to turn the original table to Temporal one , without adding columns and only by using the CREATION date and MODIF date built-in columns?

Will appreciate any support here!