sql server – Jobs on the Mirror are running against the Primary

I have a mirrored set of jobs between the my current primary and mirrored failover SQL Server setup. In the past, the jobs on the mirrored server, when they are enabled, fail as they are not able to open the local database since it’s in a restoring state. However I’m now seeing the jobs succeed and are getting forwarded to the current primary databases.

I’ve seen this behavior for the SQL Server Driver that .Net uses so it will allow for an automatic reconnect if a failover occurs. I haven’t seen this behavior before on a SQL Job and I can’t seem to find any documentation around it.

I’ve found two other mentions of this behavior ( one , two ) with work arounds, however I’m having a hard time locating documentation on this feature so I know if it was a configuration change that I made or if it was enabled with an updates I installed.

Is this capability documented in any of Microsoft’s references?

The jobs are T-SQL steps, and they are reading and (successfully) writing. Some are inline T-SQL and others call SPs in the target databases. I’m using standard mirroring and not availability groups.