sql server – MS SQL “migration” to older version – problem with Attach

On SQL 2019 I try to change compability level to 2008 (to be sure that I will be able to attach on older version, at least I was in hope this will be possible).

enter image description here

I detach this db.

When I try to attach on destination SQL I still get
enter image description here

As so far I found few related topics like this following:
Restore DB to older version

But there are talks about Restoring backup, but I ask about Detach/Attach and compability level.

So Here are my questions:

Question 1: Is there any way to attach newest mdb file on older SQL server ?

if NO

Question 2: What for is feature “Compatibility level” ?

After reading both following ansers I have:

Question 3: Do you think that with tools like dbeaver or devart it will be possible to export/import data between NEW<>OLD SQL versions , or would you propose other tools for this kind of job to do ?