SQL Server – Problem with MySQL Remote

Good afternoon, I hope you are well, I want to discuss the problem I must have to see if anyone has arrived and got the solution.

I have a program created in Visual .NET, which retrieves information from the tables of my database in SQLServer, saves them in a DataTable, and uploads them in part to the Web server. The system is

BDSQLServer & # 39; store & # 39; ——–> DataTable ———–> BDMySQL & # 39; store & # 39;

The program works perfectly on my PC, at home, but when I put it to the client and try it while trying to connect to the MySQL database, the following message is displayed:

"Can not connect to one of the specified MySQL hosts"

The hosting does not think it's blocking the IP address since I've opened the database for any IP address.

I have tried different types of connection strings and no one has taken it. Remember that the program works perfectly on my PC, but when I have it, it throws this error.

The last thing I thought was the ports, but it was an idea, I did not try anything about it.