sql server – Restoring full back up taking forever

I am new to DB Admin in SQL Server.

I am more of a SQL Developer.

I am trying to restore 95GB size of BAK file to SQL Server (in Azure VM).

The issue is that it is taking more than 24 hours now..

I realized that since I have multiple more BAK files to restore after this one, I have to restore the main BAK file (95GB one) with “NoRecovery”.

So, I went into a folder where 95GB Bak file is located, and selected the Recovery state as “Restore with Norecovery”.

Then, I just started the process since yesterday, and it is taking more than 24 hours..

What am I doing wrong? Or is there anything else I need to do?

enter image description here

My another question is, I see that there is this file that probably got created (while I was trying to Restore “With Recovery” on this folder location.

Do I have to delete this one first (before start Restoring with this 95GB BAK file)?

enter image description here