SQL Server – SQL splitter line in separate columns

What is the best way to split a column of comma lists into different columns? I'm looking for a simple algorithm, heard that it's best to avoid scalar-valued functions because they could be slow. Search in many methods, substring, find, splitstring; we need to run this algorithm on millions of addresses in order to find the best optimal response with good coding practices.

Create a table dbo.AddressTest (AddressLine varchar (255))

insert into dbo.AddressTest (AddressLine)
Values ​​("123 Maple Street, Austin, Texas, 78653, 555-234-4589")

to select
substring as AddressStreet - Expected: 123 Maple Street
sub-chain (...) as a city, - Prediction: Austin
substring (...) as a state, - Prediction: Texas
substring (...) in Zip code - Prediction: 78653
substring (...) in the form PhoneNumber - Expected: 555-234-4589