SSH from Linux to Windows – to establish certificate-based authentication

We need to send Linux files to the Windows server. We use a password-free authentication based on SFTP certificate and certificate as below.

sftp -v -b ftpcommandlist xxxxxxx101a/

We have two servers 101A – PROD and 101B which is DR. The 101A is able to establish the connection. But we can not connect to 101B in the same way.

To install the certificate, we copied the certificate file to the remote server.
(windows – 101A / 101B – Location C: Documents and Settings cnrlsosh.ssh2)

Now login to Windows from Linux via SSH, prompt system for cnrlsosh password, enter. The Linux (source) machine updates the list of known hosts.

Then the file transfer is ok.

It works well for 101A but does not work for 101B. This gives an authentication error. Here are two screenshots of the log of access to the user ID cnrlsosh of the two servers. Is there a pointer or what can be fixed.

101A – PROD – What works
Successful authentication

101B – DR – Failed Authentication
Failed authentication

There is a difference in the configuration of the ID. Where is the difference?

Login profile or login process? How to make the two connection attempts similar?