ssh – Mount an SSHFS volume in an instance of Docker

I'm using SSHFS to mount a remote file system on my host and I want to be able to access it from a Docker container.

I mount the remote file system

sshfs -o idmap = user, uid = $ (id -u), gid = $ (id -g) user @ remote: directory / path / to / sshfs

And, using Docker, I get the following errors according to me using --ascend:

docker run -it -v / path / to / sshfs: / target myimage bash
docker: daemon error response: an error while creating the mount source path & path / to / sshfs: mkdir / path / to / sshfs: the file exists.

or -v:

docker run -it --mount src = / path / to / sshfs, target = / target, type = bind myimage bash
docker: daemon error response: invalid mount configuration for type "bind": link source path does not exist: / path / to / sshfs.
See & # 39; docker run --help & # 39;

Is it possible to mount an sshfs mount point in a container?