StableHost review almost 4 years.

You can read my 3 year review here.

Currently, I manage a very low traffic WordPress site and every part of its management is a chore. Bitcatcha gives the server that I'm on a D +

In the meantime, I receive several emails a week from Stablehost offering hosting and domain offers.

I deleted / removed them at least six months ago.

And I still have them.

I am not aware of what is going on in the hosting game for quite some time now. Maybe everyone is facing these problems.

I have too many things, especially email accounts, to be able to transfer elsewhere. Outgoing mail is constantly rejected / not delivered. My clients send me an e-mail. I do not have them and it gives me the impression that my things are ****.

I have trusted Stablehost all this time.

I'm sorry to say that as a long-time customer, I can not recommend them anymore.