Start the task on the game at a specific time with Tasker

That interests me and it is very important that someone explain to me and tell me if this can be done and if it is possible, how?
I play BOWLING KING game and occasionally use the BOT MAKER FOR ANDROID (ROOT) application. It works very well. I wonder if it can- "A game lasts about 180 seconds, then ends, and then SEARCH PLAYER opens. What interests me here is to know if it is possible that I put BOTMAKER looking for a player after 180. If possible, how to do it, or in another bot-related application, or with the help of a tasker plugin.

Would you like to clarify and tell me how to set up a task group or a game to search for a player after the finished game, because after finishing, I have to click on the search player. I am very interested to know if he can search for himself when he finds this other application botmaker to boot. I think you should connect a botmaker and a tasker. Thank you for the help in advance.