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StartIsBack ++ 2.8.2 Final | Size of the file: 1.23 MBThe largest shopping center

StartIsBack is a completely native program, without privileges, lightweight, economical, fair, fast, stable and secure. Boot on the desk; Windows start menu complete and original; Office interfaces and modern clearly separated; Make the startup screen uncluttered; Totally indigenous; Rich customization and configuration; And more to come!

Your loyal office friend who helps you:

  • Launch programs you use frequently
  • Open the documents you are working on
  • Find what you are looking for
  • Access system locations with one click
  • Turn off your system easily
  • Feel at home with Windows

StartIsBack ++ can:

  • Adjust the color of the taskbar
  • Add transparency of taskbar with blur
  • View live badges for modern apps
  • Restore the large icons on the taskbar
  • Reduce the use of the resources of the operating system

Operating System: Windows 10 (x86 / x64)

What's up:
Solve light and dark mode problems
Reboot now honors "Use my login information for <..> reopen apps after <..> restart "option

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