Startup loop, random collisions, blinking will not help [Galaxy S4 VE GT-I9515]

I am in a desperate situation. I've been using an unofficial port of LineageOS for almost 2 years. I was going to give the phone to my friend as a Christmas present, he only has a mini S3 with a broken glass. A few minutes after paying for my new (used) phone, my S4 screen became quite pink at the same time I received a message. The vibration of the message notification is turned into a loop while the pink screen has remained on. I'd usually have pink screen once in a while, but usually only for a fraction of a second. After that, I only had to lock and unlock the screen to continue functioning. Several other users have reported this minor bug.

After removing the battery, the phone entered a start loop. I restarted several times and it restarted once after several minutes of black screen, but before you can do anything, like saving the data of my current day, it has become pink again. The worst thing is that I could not even enter recovery mode for any reason, it would restart without ever exceeding Samsung's startup screen. The download mode worked at the beginning, so I used the opportunity to flash several other TWRP ROMs, and I managed to start the recovery once, just a few seconds before the screen went pink again.

After these experiments, he behaved as if the battery was running out quickly. The display duration of the startup screen has been reduced to a fraction of a second. Similarly, when I plug in the charger, the charging logo flashes before turning off again. After several attempts, it did not even vibrate when connecting the charger.

I thought that my S4 was dead on me and that I had watched it fade slowly and painfully until, after several hours of charging, it suddenly lights up, but only for the Samsung startup screen. After that, he seemed completely dead again. Nice random behavior, but at least a small sign of life.

I've already tried my older battery, which allowed me to turn it on for a while before reproducing the same behavior until it does not reignite anymore. . Fortunately, I now have a third battery (the original Samsung three), and with it, it was turned on immediately and went into a start-up loop after Samsung's startup screen. However, this time, I could go into recovery the first time, so I tried:

  • Clean the cache / Dalvik
  • Flash last LOS of the first post
  • Clean the system / Cache / Dalvik
  • Flash last LOS of the first post

In this order. The first options gave the same start-up loop as before, while the last ones showed the LOS startup screen for a few seconds, until the screen became pink again. I had to remove the battery to start over.

So I finally gave up the LOS and tried to flash Stock with Odin, as long as it let me into download mode. Everything went smoothly, but now, after the Samsung start screen, it remains black. Again, the screen stays black for a few seconds until it restarts. How can this be after a flash ROM stock?

I let the battery charge completely. For the first time since the beginning of the problems, the indicator light went on, first in red then in green. I've pressed the power button and, that's it, Samsung's startup animation (after the startup screen) is displayed. I had hope for several minutes (normal after Stock Flash) until it came back in start-up loop.

I could not even reset the factory because the Android recovery icon would only show up a few seconds before resuming the startup loop. So I blinked the last TWRP again, and I started flashing LOS when, after several seconds, the screen went pink again. I tried once again with Odin and the phone was cut in the middle. I just finished my third flash stock, and he went straight to start looping. However, this time, I could go into inventory recovery and I performed a complete reset of the factory, then cleared the cache partition. Always stuck at the start loop.

I am exhausted.

Edit: I have tried it with a ROM in stock from another medium, identical result.