Stop being ripped off on fake transfers and ripped to buy items!

Stop being ripped off on fake transfers and ripped to buy items!

I have new secure transfers with PayPal without chargeback and I really think so when I say NO CHARGEBACKS
As I said, stop being ripped off when you can do it yourself.
I can teach you how to make money transfers like Moneygram, Zelle, Cashapp, PayPal, Worldremit and Venmo
I can also teach you how to use spam for things like Fullz, CC and Logs.
I do my teaching using Skype or Team Viewer.
I am also learning to card dating accounts and other objects

The Western Union cards are also back and I send them.
You can also learn how to make such transfers
I charge a new paypal with a pin
I make transfers to instant portfolios
I sell dumps with pin

I do not teach for free; I do not start teaching before the payment
I would like you to be ready before contacting me
Be serious when you try to learn from me and also try to ask questions.
You must also be online and try to be patient with me

Here is the last Western Union transfer I sent:
Name of the shipper: MARY NAHABWE
Address: Emirate of Dubai
MTCN: 516-096-5984
Payment amount: 5689.22
Currency of payment: Thai Baht
Amount sent (AED) 726.75

For more details, you can contact me on:
ICQ: 747327095
Telegram: @tmatz
Discord: tmatz9226