Stop time last night | Promotion Forum

Hi guys,

I am currently working and publishing from our mobile application. So that's a very basic explanation of what's going on right now. Last night we encountered a database problem. It's the same problem that happened a week ago, which would have been solved.

Unfortunately, this time, USHost247 was forced to send us back to a backup dating back about 40 hours. It means messages, reactions, main messages, etc. nearly two days were lost because of this. It's awful and unacceptable on many levels. Data loss is something that should always be avoided.

Clearly, it turned out to be a mistake to have returned to shared hosting. At the same time, USHost247 has done everything possible to do everything in its power because Chris is working to set up a VPS system. We are still on shared hosting right now, but we plan to be on our VPS at the end of today.

As other users have pointed out, this also leaves our Battle Madness site in trouble. There have been a number of votes during that 40-hour period, so if you are participating in this fight, make sure all your votes are there. I also think it's fair to go ahead and extend the current polls on Site Battle Madness by two days, to make up for lost time. I am really sorry that we have reached this stage of data loss.

I know this is a disadvantage for every member of this community and we will do everything in our power to fix it. Last night I had a long conversation with several staff members. In the coming days, I will be posting a very detailed topic on the Community Issues forum to see what you think about the vision we currently have for FP.

In addition, if you are a person who has lost FP $ or a number of messages or something, we will do our best to take care of that. Once again, I am deeply sorry that we made this mistake. In the future, all I can do is do things right from now on. Thank you for your continued support of this wonderful community.