Strange behavior of evaluation when drawing a table of functions

I draw a table of functions. I learned that by using Assess@ before the table can speed up the plot. But I get different results when I do and do not use Assess.

The function I use is a little complicated:

{Table[{ArcSin[1/Sqrt[2]* Sqrt[(1-Cos[60 Degree]Peach[t Degree] Peach[angle Degree]cos[t Degree] Cos[angle Degree])]]/Diploma,
ArcTan[Peach[Sin[Péché[Sin[t Degree] Crib[angle Degree]/Peach[60 Degree]-COT[60 Degree] Cos[t Degree]]/Diploma},
{angle, 10, 15, 5}]}, {t, 0, 90}

When traced as above, the output is

good performance without evaluating

When I add Assess@ before Table, the exit is

enter the description of the image here

Two questions:

  1. Why does the color change? I do not really care, but it's strange.

  2. Why do curves appear smoother?