structured data – Several elements some of which are linked to detail pages

First, I create a website for the products we have to rent. I do not see any reason why I should not use the structured data markup of the product, unless someone suggests the opposite?

Second, according to Google's guidelines:

A category page listing several different products (or recipes,
videos, or any other type). Each entity must be marked using the type relevant, such as for the product
Category pages. However, if an element is marked, all elements must be
Mark. In addition, unless it is a carousel, the marked items must be
no link to separate detail pages.

On a list of categories, some of my pages refer to specific product pages with additional details. This is only true for about 50% of products because many products do not need additional information. I am wondering now what is the best way to tag structured data. Should I simply tag products that have individual pages?

Is there really an advantage to doing it?