study – Enter as a tourist after a French student visa

I am an American citizen. I just finished a French student visa type D VLS-T type D on February 27th. I returned to the United States and received an exit stamp.

I wish to return to France (to visit friends) for 70 days from April 1st. I wish to confirm that the rules of 90/180 did not apply until I had a D type visa, even if it was a VLS-T and it was no of a VLS -TS. I think this is in Article 6 of the Schengen Borders Code.

I want to confirm this, but the French Consulate is vague and I would really like to have a clearer answer as to how and why this is possible. In addition, I'm afraid that a VLS-T may not have the same rights as a VLS-TS.