sudo – AWS user Ubuntu – why?

The Ubuntu image of AWS is started with your credentials added to a called user. Ubuntu. Once the machine is running, you can SSH in your new box with the Ubuntu user.

This user is a sudoer, and based on the sudoers file, it can do just about anything root can do, provided you precede a command with sudo, without any password being entered. As far as I know, this almost means that you should never run any mainstream applications because if anyone could find a way to execute shell commands through your application, it might take control of your system.

My real question is: why does this user exist? Why not just grant SSH access to the root account, hoping that someone would create unprivileged accounts to run an application? Do not have that Ubuntu Does the user add confusion? I could see someone thinking "my systemd application does not work as root, it runs as ubuntu, so I'm safe".

I miss a goal of this type of user, who is not root, but a sudoer without a password?