Suggestion – Article Rates | Forum Promotion

I recently asked @Cumulus what the Article Rates were, and it seems they have been further reduced to what they were many years ago. How is this possible? A user who submits an Article will get 250FP$ if it’s successful or 50FP$ is unsuccessful. I wanted to point out a few years ago, there was a ranking system along the lines of A, B, and C rated articles. I can’t remember the exact rates, but it certainly wasn’t in the realm of 250FP$ per 500-1000 word article.

Think about it for a moment, a Ruby Package costs 500FP$, and for a username change, you’ll be looking at 250FP$.
The prices of FP’s services outway the current Article rates offered by @Cumulus

This probably needs to be looked into. What does everybody else think?