Suggestion – Flash Invasion | Promotion Forum

I've talked to a friend of mine who said that most people would not participate because they are only for themselves. But here we all feel that the forums are disappearing. We must therefore stand together and help each other when we can to try to keep the forums alive.

On the idea …

Flash Invasion

Each week, a new forum is randomly selected and announced so that forum members can invade the forum with new registrations, discussions and new messages. This is a flash mob for forums. This would help new forums build a community in a short period of time and for the communities that have existed for a while, it will bring new life, new blood and an activity that we all enjoy.

It would be nice to have a list of volunteers that we can count on every week to participate even if they are not mandatory, to participate in the invasion. The list helps the owner of the forum to expect to see at least the people who will participate in the discussion so that it will not be dropped when only two people show up. This list is therefore a commitment even if we all know that real life sometimes annoys us.

I've seen people say that they wanted new ideas, so maybe it will be an idea that could boost FP?