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I am in the process of maturing a new level of experience with a popular service provider and I really need the suggestion of experienced people.
Here is briefly the case.
At the end of January, my company signed a half-pipe network and network contract with a supplier. Paid the bill and they created a ticket for the supply and they assigned me rack units in a specific cabinet. In the meantime (even though the service was not used), we paid 3 more (recurring) bills for the next 3 months. Everything is fine until here, we had some problems with the delivery of the equipment (our bad) so the bills had to be paid, simply and logically.
Finally, during the second week of March, our servers and networking equipment arrived in Washington. They then located the pallet and assured him of feeding and feeding it in the next 24 hours.
The days passed and about a week later, they told me that the allocated rack space was already used (they sent me a list of devices), this is obviously not our. One more week has passed (almost daily contact with the support) and they explained to me by excuses that the problem would be solved with rack servers and powered up before April 1 (10 days). Another week passed after the deadline, asked repeatedly, the equipment was installed on April 8th. As the servers were still inaccessible, I contacted the technical support again and with a big surprise, they wrote to me (April 9) "Your cabinet is currently waiting for the current circuit installation.Once the circuit installed, we start feeding the equipment "
I have again asked ETA twice, but no response from them.
Of course, you all understand what it means to have a pallet of servers waiting a month to be powered, the engineers crossing their fingers, waiting to be able to do their work and customers waiting to be supplied.
What do you propose to do?

Thank you G.