Suggestion – Revamp | Promotion Forum

I am sure that finding alternatives to spend FP $ and perhaps introducing something new could help the community. The problem is that I saw, for example, that when the last PTL was trying to come up with ideas for reorganizing the community, there were other more pressing issues like the current hierarchy and workflow. to be the case if we were to say completely reorganize the packing service.

That being said, it's a good idea to discuss the type of new services we would like. There is a box where all the promotion forums have been set up and thinking outside of it can help us come up with things that can really be useful to the community. In terms of services, we need to get to the bottom of the objectives of FP.

Since one of the goals of FP is to help forum administrators, is there any type of service that already exists? Maybe at some point, while you were running your community, you thought "Man, I would like to be able to …"

I am sure that "I would like to be able to hire a member to stimulate activity" and "I would like to know what people think of my forum" got an answer with packages and reviews, so maybe there are more things like this that we often want for this FP could try to offer services to fix it.

In particular, I am interested in hearing from you and the community about the changes they would like to make to package service to better meet our needs.
What kind of things do not work right now? What do you think could be handled differently? What is your vision for a redesign of the parcel service?

I agree that lack of community is a problem. I think it was Ellie who said how bad our first impression was at the moment, there was a sense of division and we had to find ways to reconnect. It's not a one-sided effort and all we can do to make it happen.