supermicro – how can I fix SFP to SFP+ connection?

I’m trying in those days to replace my broke GS110TP with new A2SDi-16C-TP8F that I bought but I have a problem.

When I connect my single mode fiber LC 1gbe connector FTLF1319P1BTL it doesn’t communicate with my ISP while with GS110TP worked well and it works with my allied telesis at gs2002 media converter.

I tought that was a problem between SFP+ and SFP so I bought a new connector FTLX1471D3BCV that is a 10gbe/1gbe SFP+ LC, but I still have problems.

I configurated it with this command:

ethtool -s eth7 speed 1000 duplex full autoneg off

eth7 because I connected it into port 8

currently I’m using openwrt
after that command link is up, but I don’t receive anything from the provider.

so to test out the two connector I bought a LC/LC patch and I connecter the two connectors into the two ports 7 and 8 on A2SDi-16C-TP8F, then I created two interfaces and after configurated with the same command the spf+ connector they linked together. connectors linked with LC/LC patch

Then I tryed to put a PC after media connector and connect it with the sfp connector to the sfp+ connector on the Supermicro board, but link is up but like with the provider they do not communicate at all (from the PC I didn’t see supermicro)

what can I do to fix out this problem? should I configure the driver ixgbe in different way?