Survey of Employees | Forum Promotion

Hi all!

As some of you may know, I work in the field of Human Resources. Recently, I’ve been offered a job at a Casino managing their HR department (I actually start Monday!). I was hoping to see if some of you would be willing to answer some questions for me for a internal/external equity survey I’m doing! :heart:

  1. What is one job trait you cannot stand in a manager/supervisor? (I.e, micromanaging, doesn’t help, etc.)
  2. If you could implement one thing in your current job, what would it be? (And what is your current job??)
  3. How important are medical benefits to you?
  4. If you could have no PTO for two years, but get offered free medical benefits on a decent medical plan, what would you think?
  5. How important is a 401k? Would it help you determine if you wanted to work for a company or not?
  6. Name one thing your company could do right now to improve employee moral?
  7. What would you want if you were awarded employee of the month?

That’s all! :heart: I appreciate everyone who is willing to fill out those questions!