suspend – No video or network after recovery on Intel NUC7i3BNK or NUC5CPYH

I have three Intel NUC and two of them will not come back from sleep. After hanging the NUC, I can click on the keyboard and the NUC wakes up but there is no video and I can not ping and / or ssh in the box anymore.

The two problematic models are NUC7i3BNK and an old NUC5CPYH.
The model that works is a NUC6CAYH.

I have tried many versions of Ubuntu (16.04, 18.04 and 18.10) and many different kernels and this never helps.

I'm just wondering if anyone has a NUC5 or NUC7 that suspends and resumes correctly or tips on how I can make it work (if that's possible).