swift – I added a marker to a point X and it appears at this point and also at my position

I changed the design of a marker in the mapView, but in doing so, I changed the marker of my location and it was not what I wanted … I want just change the marker of MIT, and that of my location to leave it only with the normal blue marker that appears on all cards.

Here, I leave code that could fail.

mapView.register (MKMarkerAnnotationView.self,
forAnnotationViewWithReuseIdentifier: MKMapViewDefaultClusterAnnotationViewReuseIdentifier)
let mitCoordinate = CLLocationCoordinate2D (latitude: -41.471373559102965, longitude: -72.94215917587279)
let mitAnnotation = SchoolAnnotation (coordinate: mitCoordinate, title: "MIT", subtitle: "mit - USA")

mapView.addAnnotation (mitAnnotation)
mapView.setRegion (mitAnnotation.region, animated: true)

BusinessViewController extension: MKMapViewDelegate {
func mapView (_mapView: MKMapView, viewFor annotation: MKAnnotation) -> MKAnnotationView? {
if leave schoolAnnotationView
= mapView.dequeueReusableAnnotationView (withIdentifier: MKMapViewDefaultAnnotationViewReuseIdentifier) ​​as? MKMarkerAnnotationView {
.animatesWhenAdded = true
.titleVisibility = .adaptive
.titleVisibility = .adaptive

back to schoolAnnotationView

returns zero

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I hope you can help me, thank you very much.