syntax – Pure function: use T[[#]]where # indicates a position

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When using T[[#]] in which # indicates a position, how do you move the position # (which is a list) to make sure that the argument wanted # is used correctly in the context T[[#]] (forcing not to include the brackets of the position)?

Example: the position {1,2,2} should be used as T[[1,2,2]] (where the brackets in the list should be removed for proper use). How is this done?

It is not possible to cut off the head of the list as each expression must have a head. A possibility to use T[[#[[1]], #[[2]], #[[3]]]] However, if the length of the list is not known, this should imply T[[#[[1]], ..., #[[Length[#]]] I guess it's not appropriate Mathematica code. How is this case handled?