syslog – Multiple servers for Busybox syslogd

Is there a way to use multiple servers when using busybox syslogd?

I saw the -R option to specify a server but that said nothing about multiple servers.

However, in the source code of syslogd, I see this:

while (remoteAddrList) {
remoteHost_t * rh = xzalloc (sizeof (* rh));
rh-> remoteHostname = llist_pop (& remoteAddrList);
rh-> remoteFD = -1;
rh-> last_dns_resolve = monotonic_sec () - DNS_WAIT_SEC - 1;
llist_add_to (& G.remoteHosts, rh);


So, I think there is a way to use multiple servers, did anyone find out how to write it on the command line?