system agnostic – Percentages vs numerals in wording

Forewarning this question is pedantic. I’m not sure if I’m correct here or not which is why I’m asking.

Was talking about numbers in Pathfinder. We have a character with 26 AC, a GM was having a hard time hitting said character. Now I was just rambling on about how you can up the number from +13 (that’s a +13 on a 20 sided die to achieve 26) to +19 which evidently takes your percentage of succeeding from 35% to 65%.

In particular I originally worded something hyperbolically, I said “+19 is 45% greater than +13, which is a considerable increase”. The retort was that my math is terrible because 2 is 100% greater than 1.

Now I just assumed percentage is a way of making it hyperbolic, a little exaggeration. But either way 45% = 6 (rounded), so if I used 6 instead of 45% it’s pretty much exactly the same.

Is that wording / math fallible, in a statement like that would it be more appropriate to say instead that the chance to hit has gone up 30% (from 7/20 to 13/20 if I use percentages or just to say “it has gone up by 6 to +19 from +13”. Or are they all correct? Apologies if this is a bit pedantic, just a little unsure on how I should word such things, hard to find a situation to compare it.