Bitcoin Price Chart – Bitcoin Breakout to $12k

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Bitcoin Price Chart – Bitcoin Breakout to $12k


As Bitcoin’s price chart rises, the block reward becomes increasingly more attractive for miners/traders/investors. Key Trading on our Bitcoin price chart.

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Bitcoin had another rally today, after breaking the $ 6,300 mark and reaching market domination records from December 2017.

The major cryptocurrency posted the largest gains on the top 20 coins by market capitalization, up 4.4% over the last 24 hours.

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I tried to solve a regular pumping language. L = {x | x = a ^ (2 + 3k) or x = b ^ (10 + 12k), k> = 0}? (GATE 2019 CSE)

Here are some results that you can prove and use to solve the problem in the question and beyond.

assume $ L $ is an ordinary arbitrary language.
Exercise 1. Show that there is $ p_0 = p_0 (L) in Bbb N ^ + $ such as $ p in Bbb N $ is a pumping length for $ L $ Yes Yes $ p ge p_0 $.
We call $ p_0 $ the minimum pumping length of $ L $.

Exercise 2. Let $ L_ {m, n} = {a ^ m, a ^ {m + n}, a ^ {m + 2n}, cdots } $ for $ m, n in Bbb N $, $ 0 <n $. CA watch $ p_0 (L_ {m, n}) = m + 1 $.

Exercise 3. Let $ L_1, L_2 $ are two normal languages. CA watch $ p_0 (L_1 cup L_2) the max (p_0 (L_1), p_1 (L_2)) $

Exercise 4. Let $ L_1, L_2 $ are two regular languages ​​disjoined. CA watch $ p_0 (L_1 cup L_2) = max (p_0 (L_1), p_1 (L_2)) $

Exercise 5. Show that 11 is the minimum pumping length of $ {x mid x = a ^ {2 + 3k} text {or} x = b ^ {10 + 12k}, k> = 0 } $.