installation – MS ODBC SQL 13 driver version issue, How to obtain / install a newer version?

It just seems that MS has not updated its download site to get the latest version of the ODBC version 13 driver.

When I download the MS SQL ODBC 13 driver from the Microsoft site, it installs version 13.0.1601.5 (noted 2015.130.0.1601.5 in the ODBC Source Administrator).

However, if I install SQL Management Studio version 17.7 or later, it installs the MS SQL ODBC driver version 13.2002.4 (version 2017.140.2002.4 is specified in the ODBC Source Administrator).

The problem is that all my workstations need the version 14.2002.4 installed. The only way I could do this is to install SQL Management Studio on each workstation. In addition to being really bad, I really do not want the studio to be on users' workstations.

Since I could not find the download of this driver as a stand-alone installation, does anyone know a faster way to extract and re-install the driver? to install the updated ODBC driver?

NOTE: I have downloaded and installed MS SQL ODBC 13.1 and MS SQL ODBC 17 from the MS site, but again, their version numbers are different.

MacBook Pro 13 "screen replacement

I have Mac book pro 13 "mid-2014 and end of 2011,
All I wanted to know, is that it's possible to change my 2011 professional screen to broken screen in the middle of 2014, if the 2011 screen is compatible until the middle of 2014, are there any problems with installation? If someone meets this situation, please let me know and help me please. Thank you

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Can a MacBook Pro 13 (mid-2010) battery be used in a 2009 Monocoque polycarbonate MacBook?

I've got one somewhere, I just do not have it on me. I'm just curious because my MacBook Pro is dead but has a new battery and my 2009 MacBook has a dead battery. I would rather not buy a new one if I do not have to.

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5th dnd – Would a team of 5 level 10 characters, a level 19 NPC and a level 13 NPC be able to take a tarrasque?

Maybe, maybe not, and if they do, they will not necessarily have the impression of winning it themselves. Just that they survived.

Be kind and assume that each player has 100hp at level ten. Of his five attacks, even if only the weakest attack targets a player who deals 19 damage on average or 1/5 of a character's health.

The stung attack has a restricted condition combo with dc20 grapple which is difficult for most. If the tarrascan swallows, even the npc level 19 which leaves the rest of the characters the care of holding it until the 19th.
if a player is bitten and swallowed, he is almost dead.

Aside from treating this as a siege weapon fired by Monster Hunter World at Zora Magdoras, there is no good way to end this situation unless your party is exceptionally prepared for magical items.

Even with all of the above, a tarrasque has 25 acres and 657 horses.

A level 10 character with mod +5, magic weapon +2 and skill +4 would hit at least 14 times or 35% of the time. 5th usually uses the understanding that missing is not fun. Most monsters against a game should have a 60% chance to hit. 55% pushes it.

Put this in perspective with a character with +13 to touch (level 18 +5 mod +2 magic weapon) would only touch 12 or more or 45% of the time. They would have enough power to love long enough to hit as much as needed and have end-of-game things like level 9 spells.

In Short 30, cr30 is a huge deal and I strongly recommend not fighting a full fight and just letting him survive what happens and sometimes get revenge for the flies that hit him. In this way, later, when they are ready, they will know what to expect and will be able to try it without high level.

Find the total number of prime factors in the product {(9) 13 X 5 ^ 4 X (55) ^ 8} a. 73 b. 67 c. 70 d. 63

Find the total number of prime factors in the product {(9) ^ 13 X 5 ^ 4 X (55) ^ 8}
a. 73
b. 67
c. 70
re. 63
spoiler alert the answer is not 46
help would be appreciated

virus – Should I worry about old viruses from a hard drive that has not been used in the last 13 years?

Are viruses too old to worry?

No, they can still be a problem. Unless, for example, they use 16-bit code and you use an edition of Windows without 16-bit compatibility, they can still be executed technically, and the viral code is often simple enough to not have too much There is a good chance that it will work on a future version of Windows.

That said, some modern Windows tricks can make them less effective:

  • First, Windows now comes with a virus scanner and a malware detector, so it is more likely to be detected.
  • Windows User Account Control means that most software is now running with limited ability to modify the system unless you pass a prompt.
  • Viruses can sometimes target vulnerabilities in software that has since been fixed.

But all of this does not mean you can ignore them or they can not cause harm – you should always make sure you have no viruses on the disk, whether it is idle or running whether they still work or not, for safety.

Should I format my PC?

The problem with formatting everything and starting all over again is that there is probably some data on the disk that you want to keep. This is a problem of old hard drives and even media such as CD-ROMs containing backup data. They may also contain old viruses.

A reasonable strategy would be to try to disinfect the drive using the methods available in your antivirus suite. Make sure all your software (including Microsoft Office) is up-to-date, including security patches, and that you do not accept any security prompts that you do not understand when opening documents .

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I just paid for hosting / domain name and that is all. It works on WordPress.

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There is no challenge in itself, but because of its age and the quality / quantity of the content, the site has a lot of potential to be great. It just takes a little love and new content.