networking – Ubuntu 16.04.1 dual nic only autostart one

I have a system running under 16.04.1 with two network cards. Each card is a different Internet provider and only one must be activated at a time. I was running 14.04 and the configurations were living in the / etc / network / interfaces location and I just had to change the auto line to #auto by commenting on the instruction. My problem is that the configurations are now in / etc / NetworkManager / system-connections and I can not find information on how to disable nic1 or nic2 on startup.

The configuration looks like something like this. Is there a document with all the configuration options for this file? I have searched but the information I find is for the other configuration location.

Thank you for your time.


id = eno1
uuid = 4518f0a6-0500-4848-a849-85c0c6c389b6
type = 802-3-ethernet
permissions =
secondary =

duplex = complete
mac-address = XX: XX: XX: XX: XX: XX

method = manual
addresses1 =; 24;;

addr-gen-mode = stable-privacy
dns-search =
method = auto[/code]