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Multiple passports and the 90 / 180 rule

It may depend on the country you’re visiting, but in general the answer is no. Immigration rules typically apply to each traveler as a person, not to the document. Using different documents may make it more difficult for authorities to identify someone who has overstayed or entered improperly, but the fact that the traveler’s periods of stay may be difficult to link does not imply that the traveler’s stays in the country comply with its rules.

In addition to passport numbers, passports may be matched by other data, such as name, date of birth, and place of birth. Furthermore, passports lately include biometric information such as fingerprints, which almost always includes a digitized copy of the traveler’s image. Immigration authorities can also use these biometrics to match different passports to one another.

What makes a server fast? And what is best dedicated managed Cpanel server under 180$?

Not sure if this is the right category.. I want to know what makes a server speedy. My issue is, I tried about 6 servers the last 6 months. … | Read the rest of

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We are more than overjoyed to bring you the news about the latest super-practical update to Client Profile Viewer For WHMCS. This is what the electrifying 1.8.0 version keeps in store for you:

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schengen – More than 90 days in 180 for Host Country (Italy)

I originally was going to post a follow up question on this question / answer but wasn’t sure if that was bad etiquette. What does the spouse of an Italian citizen need in order to stay in the Schengen area for more than 90 days?
Our situation is very similar.

I am hoping to travel this May to Europe with my EU spouse (Italian / British Citizen) returning in October.
I am a British Citizen.
Subject to Covid restrictions being lifted we would like to travel by car from the UK to Europe in May this year. We would proceed directly to Italy, passing through France, and Switzerland. We would like to spend up to 90 days in Italy, leave for a another EU country (likely Spain), then return to Italy, for up to 90 days before returning to the UK.
My questions are

  1. Provided we do not exceed 90 days in any single EU country can i travel visa free in Schengen area for circa 7 months, or do i need to apply for a visa?
  2. Does this still apply in Italy given that my spouse is an Italian citizen? And
  3. How long would we need to spend outside of Italy before we are able to return?

If there is any feedback from the original poster on how their travel worked in practice that would be great to hear about. Was she able to travel in this way? Did she encounter any problems?

Proxima FontExpert 2021 18.0 Release 2 Multilingual | Nulled Scripts Download

Proxima FontExpert 2021 18.0 Release 2 Multilingual | 35.7 Mb
FontExpert Font Manager enables you to preview and manage both installed and uninstalled typefaces, plus examine your system for font errors. You can display the list of installed font faces, customizable font samples and advanced font properties.

FontExpert Features:
View and Preview Fonts
FontExpert displays the list of all installed typefaces and lets you explore folders and preview uninstalled fonts located on your compact disks or DVDs, local disks, removable disks or network drives. You can preview the font as a paragraph of text or as a detailed character map. It is easy to choose the desired font size, font style or color.
Assign Keywords, Ratings and Categories to Fonts
Assign keywords, categories, ratings and captions in new Tags view.
Search in Database
Search for fonts in the database by keywords, ratings and categories in new DB Search view.
Search for Fonts on Local Discs and Network Drives
FontExpert can search your local disks, CDs or DVDs, network drives for fonts, and put all fonts to a special list for your further work.
Search for Duplicates and Corrupted Fonts
FontExpert automatically detects corrupted and incomplete fonts, and allows you to search for and manage duplicate fonts.
Manage Fonts
It is easy to manage any typefaces that are shown in any view of the program. You can sort, filter, preview fonts, copy, move, delete font files, activate or deactivate fonts, add or link fonts to font groups (sets). The program can control fonts located in the Windows Fonts and Psfonts folder (used by Adobe Type Manager), so you do not need to remove fonts from standard folders as some font managers require.
Create Font Library
FontExpert imports fonts and creates font library. You can keep your fonts organized in groups (sets), and activate or deactivate font sets. A group may include either the font file, or a link to a file located in any folder on your computer or network drive. It is easy to add fonts or links by drag-and-dropping from the Windows Explorer to the Groups view.
Print Fonts
FontExpert can print selected fonts. It is easy to print character map, “water flow” or face name reports for selected fonts, either installed or uninstalled. You can customize and format page headers and footers as desired, for example, by adding the name of your company.
View Advanced Font Properties
The program displays detailed information about the selected font, including type foundry or copyright, TrueType tables, number of kerning pairs in a font, Panose attributes, Windows font metrics and more.
Examine your System for Font Errors
With the help of Detect Font Problems feature, it is easy to find errors in installed fonts and to optimize Windows by resolving typeface conflicts and by removing records about missing fonts.
Export Fonts to HTML Web Album
FontExpert can create HTML Web Album from selected fonts. You can create GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, and BMP images of selected font faces. See the sample of HTML page created by FontExpert.
Automatic Activation of Missing Fonts
FontExpert includes Missing Fonts Loader plug-in for Adobe InDesign, and for Adobe Illustrator.
Windows Shell Extensions
The program adds Open, Print and Install Font custom menu commands to Windows Explorer context menu, and adds custom property page that displays detailed attributes of selected .ttf or .otf file. FontExpert adds font management capabilities to the shell so it is easy to activate or print any font in a folder you browse in Windows Explorer.
System requirements:
Operating systems (32-bit and 64-bit):
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and corresponding server versions of Windows.
Home Page:

Language: Multilingual

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90 180 visa rules – Work related travel with EU blue card (Germany)

As far as travel rules are concerned, she may stay in another Schengen country for 90 days in any 180-day period. How does the Schengen 90/180 rule work? provides more detail but if she has spent 30 days elsewhere than in Germany in January, she still has 60 days to use (at once or split in several shorter periods) between February and April so there is nothing stopping there from taking another trip immediately. After April (technically 90 days after she left at the end of her January trip), she might even stay for a full 90-day period (and not merely for 60 days). This type of travel to other Schengen countries is allowed for any purpose, including business trips, and the time limits are not enforced strictly.

The tricky part is that working might require additional permission and going beyond typical business trips might trigger other rules (taxes, insurance…) that complicate the picture somewhat. So meeting clients, a longer stay to negotiate a contract or kick-off a project, even being out of the country about half of the time meeting different clients across Europe all seem OK to me but full-time on-site contract work for a couple of months might be dicier.

App Windows – DVD-Cloner 2021 18.0 Build 1461 (x64) Multilingual

File size: 72 MB

DVD-Cloner 2021 is a widely-acclaimed professional DVD copy software with perfect output image quality.​

It can decrypt DVD and clone DVD to any blank disc with diverse copy modes for playback on many media devices including PS4, Xbox, Blu-ray player, etc. Besides, it can copy DVD to your Windows computer as an ISO file or DVD folders. With DVD-Cloner 2020, you can also copy Blu-ray/4K UHD Blu-ray movies to BD-R/REs or your computer and rip DVD/Blu-ray/UHD movies to MKV format for easy storage. The upgraded module allows you to make a DVD copy within half an hour.

Removes all known DVD protections such as CSS, CPPM, APS, UOPs, RipGuard, RPC-I/RPC-II/RCE, Disney’s Fake, etc. and any region code.

It can also clone DVD with Sony ARccOS bad sectors deliberately created on the DVD.

Added support for new Java protection.

Copies DVD-5 to DVD-5, DVD-9 to DVD-9 in 1:1 ratio.

Copies one DVD movie disc to a DVD movie folder for playback on the player software or TV, and a DVD player is not needed any more.

Copies one DVD movie disc to an ISO image file for future burning or uploaded to the Internet easily.

Creates a DVD disc from a movie with ISO format ed from the Internet.

Supports the recorded DVD video discs.

DVD-9 to DVD-5 copy – Compresses one DVD-9 movie to a blank DVD-5 disc, including menus and special features.

Select to keep all audio tracks and subtitles or remove unwanted ones.

Manually define the compression rate, which will influence the picture quality.

Copies only the main movie of a DVD to a DVD-5 disc, omitting menus and special features.

Genuine movie-only copy – Intelligently recognizes the main movie from the source DVD to avoid copying a fake main movie.

Combines multiple DVDs to one DVD±R DL or BD-R/RE (DL) to save your DVD discs.

Enables you to select the menu template, background picture and set the disc volumes under the “Combine two DVDs to one DVD±R DL” copy mode.

Enables you to set the number of DVDs you want to combine and set the disc volumes under the “Combine multiple DVDs to one BD-R (DL)” copy mode.

Audio tracks and subtitles are selective to make a special copy of DVD movie.

Splits one DVD-9 movie to two blank DVD-5 discs with original picture quality.

Keeps all menus and special features.

Supports for NTSC and PAL DVD copy.

Episodic DVD copy – copies only a certain range of chapters, especially designed for episodic TV series DVDs and music video DVDs.

DVD-5 to DVD-9 copy – copies several titles and chapters from the original DVD-5 movie to a DVD-9 disc.

Supports for copying multi-channel audio tracks such as Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS.

Makes multiple DVD copies without having to repeat the entire process again.

Enjoy every movie title or chapter directly with the preview window and don’t need to install other DVD player software.

Makes copies of your DVD backups without using your valuable original DVD discs.

Added support to output 3D effect for subtitles when compressing 3D DVD movies to DVD-5 size.

The inventive SRT (Smart Reading Technology) enables you to copy latest DVD movies with much higher speed.

Copies latest Blu-ray movies:

DVD-Cloner 2019 provides you the freedom to copy Blu-ray movies to the hard disk without any third party plug-in and watch them with Blu-ray player software without an HDCP-compliant graphics card or HDCP-compliant monitor. No need to buy expensive devices.


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